Maintenance Agreements

Our equipment is designed to provide maximum productivity and operating economy during its useful life.

At IMCA we help you maintain that value through Maintenance Agreements for your equipment.

With this service you have control over your cost and can avoid unexpected failures of your machines and generators


We deliver all the parts and components necessary for maintenance at a lower cost than what you would pay buying each part separately, as well as complete instructions so you can carry out your maintenance and how to keep track and alert them on our platform.

To guarantee the proper functioning of your fleet, we carry out inspections, fluid analysis, diagnoses, oil and filter changes, among other services; regardless of where your operation is.


On time execution of the maintenance of your equipment

Proactive and early alerts allow you to take quick action and avoid unexpected expenses

Increased equipment uptime, lower maintenance costs

Improve the resale value of each of your units

Maintenance Agreements

They apply to all types of equipment, whether large or small, new or used. The need to do more work at lower costs is the same, regardless of the age of the equipment or the application in which it is used.

Additional service benefits